What Is Refine?



First and most importantly, Refine {the retreat} is just that--a retreat. Refine is not a conference. It is a weekend specifically designed to be a place of refuge and withdrawal from the noise of our everyday lives. Every aspect of Refine is designed with this critical component in mind. 


We believe God to be the Ultimate Artist. As his offspring (Acts 17:28) We believe that we too were created to create. Artistic elements are an important and celebrated component of Refine. Depending on venue and theme, you can expect some inclusion of arts during your weekend at Refine. Participation in the artistic reflection sessions is always optional, and always encouraged--regardless of experience or skill. ;)  See the specific details of your scheduled event for more information about the Artful reflection offered. 


In this consumer culture we live constantly bombarded with input. At Refine specific time is made in the schedule to allow for reflection. How you spend these open periods of time in the schedule is up to you. We encourage you to use the time to nourish your soul, be it through prayer, journaling, art, exercise, rest, conversation, or otherwise. This is the breathing room we expect and love about Refine {the retreat}

* S L O W  E X H A L E*



Currently, Refine is an adult women only event. Due to the reflective nature of this event, no children or nursing babies are permitted. 


We know that just because you pack up and head off for the weekend, it doesn't mean your burdens remain at home. Most of us will show up at Refine with more baggage that fits in our suitcase. At Refine, space is made for specific, confidential one-on-one prayer for our attendees. Jesus said, "Whenever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am among them" (Matthew 18:20), we're honored and eager to meet with Jesus alongside you. These intercessory prayer appointments can be made at the retreat.


In order to maintain the intimate nature of Refine, gatherings are limited in attendance. Most of our events cap out at 40 (some as few as 20) people. Keep this in mind when considering attending. Our events have all sold out well in advance.


Refine {the retreat} is a biblically based event, rooted in the Christian faith. Wherever you are in your journey with Jesus, we welcome you to Refine.


Refine {the retreat} features workshops on a variety of topics. Stay tuned for details about our planned workshops. 

Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest awhile.
— Mark 6:31