Refine {the retreat} began in 2014 when 24 women said "yes" to an invitation to experience more of God. Since then over 100 women have said "yes" and been changed by their own experience Refine weekend.  


Our vision

At Refine {the retreat} we are making space to meet with God, to deliberately invite Him to work in our hearts--to refine us, as a group and as individuals. Four years after it's inception, Refine continues to evolve, undergoing its own refining, as we continue to listen for God's direction for the weekend. Every Refine has been different. And while we don't always know what to expect specifically, we have always been surprised in the best ways, by how God shows up in our midst. 

Refine sets a table for creative women. Many of our attendees are artists in their own right, who work in a variety of mediums. Refine is a generous space for those of us who think in metaphors, color, images, and song. Refine is a place where those of us who live straddling the story-world of our imaginations and the concrete world beneath our actual feet, find community among like-minded makers. 

The women who find their way to Refine come hungry for rest and to be filled, and this is where our vision and the world's needs meet.

Refine balances plenty of reflective, contemplative rest time, with rich workshops designed to both instruct and inspire. 

Refine {the retreat} is a place for worship, rest and reflection, a place for healing, spiritual direction and renewal. It is a place for creative exercises, inspiration, and instruction. 

Refine is an open-door invitation to discover the abundance of God. 

This retreat is definitely one of the best I’ve ever been to.
— Refine attendee, 2017