What is Refine {the retreat}?


Reflection. Refinement. Rest. Renewal. Revival.

Refine is a guided, Christ-centered retreat for creative women. 

Refine is not a conference. 

It's difficult in the midst of our everyday lives, to pull away and spend time in prayer, to be nourished in our work and in our art, to be revived in body and soul. We pour ourselves out but often struggle to be filled. It is out of this reality, that Refine {the retreat} was born. Refine makes space for women to rest, learn, grow, discover and hone their creative gifts, while affording plenty of time for communing both the with Holy Spirit, and with each other. 


Refine is one of a kind, a retreat (not a conference!) of creativity and excellence.
— Christie Purifoy, Author of Roots & Sky, A Journey Home In Four Seasons
It was an amazing event. One that is hard to put into words.
— attendee, 2018


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